Before I bought my Tesla, I had a Hyundai Santa Fe and I really liked the car.  I felt the styling was good and I found their old school reputation for building sub-standard cars was no longer warranted.  In short it was a good, solid car.  Existing EVs from Hyundai have effectively been ICE cars that got torn down and rebuilt with a battery and some electric motors.  Now, many manufacturers have gone this route for understandable reasons, but it generally tends to produce an EV that is *ahem* several percent shy of performance and quality that a “ground-up power and power train” EVs such as Tesla tends to produce.  The news today promises that great a wide array of styles of sustainable vehicles should be coming from Hyundai on their new “E-GMP” platform.  Also mentioned in the article is bidirectional charging enabling cool stuff like vehicle to grid, and even EV to EV emergency charging applications.  Look for the vanguard models in 2021, says Hyundai.
Well played, Hyundai.  Well played.