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You want to do the right thing for your residents… without risking unforeseen consequences

OmniPotential can help you craft a future facing EV policy for your municipality

The technical answer is only half of the solution

The hardware and software of the charger is only part of the solution.  The best curbside residential charging solution can’t help anyone without a way to deploy in municipal right-of-ways. Municipalities want to find ways to enable curbside charging in ways that do not risk the stability of the communities they worked hard to build.  Only with a sensible and bureaucratically sustainable public policy can you help your residents achieve the reality of curbside residential charging.

OmniPotential is ready to help you… help your residents

Everywhere we look, we find municipalities with the same concern.  A growing chorus of residents and advocates asking the city to support EV charging without offering substantive information on public policies to enable it.  Every town is a little bit different and because EV charging is significantly different than gasoline car refueling many municipalities are scrambling to find policy expertise.  EV Policy services and support that OmniPotential is ready to provide your municipality include:

  • EV public policy crafting – With a growing and detailed library of municipal EV charging strategies and tactics enacted in other municipalities across the country, we can help you see where other towns have succeeded and help you avoid common pain points.  With existing policy examples to source from, we can help you pinpoint policies that are likely to work for your city and our customizable boiler plate policy templates allow us to quickly put together a customized policy position document that is ready to be handed to your policy authorization body.
  • EV Overview – Provide training on EV charging in general including the various types of charging and suitable applications for each.  We can provide a relevantly detailed review of the EV market and how it can impact your city and your residents.

We would be thrilled for you conclude, as well have, that our product is the clear choice for curbside residential in your town, and we understand that your fiscal responsibility requires you to consider other vendors.  We will be thrilled to provide policy support whether you adopt a policy that authorizes Curbstar in your neighborhoods or not.

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