OmniPotential’s President and founder, Cora Castle is quoted in this Feb 15. Article regarding Delaware Entrepreneurship.  If you’re a Delawarean it’s not all that difficult to arrange a meeting with any other Delawarean.  But what’s hard is finding capital.  Capital has been a struggle for us from day 1 when I sold my 401k to fund the development of our Curbstar product in the dawning days of Covid.  I hope that as I continue to place my feet in the footprints of many talented local entrepreneurs before me and win awards and recognition for the hard work that I and my co-founders Jason Luxon and Andrew Studzinski have done at some point I’ll turn around and say… wow… look at that.  I don’t need anyone else’s help after all.
Entrepreneurism, I have come to believe, is often an exercise in learning to grow wings while falling.  Onward and upward.