“No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come”

And neither, apparently can a virus.  After about 10 months of hard work, slogging through coronavirus spawned delays, and with dedication from the team here at OmniPotential, we finally have our prototype.  With a little help of the Wilmington mayors office, from Wilmington City Council we should have our pilot program up and running soon.  Anyone in the Wilmington area who wants a curbside charger in their community should definitely get in touch with me.  Cora@catherineb50.sg-host.comm.  I should mention that the device in the picture is our prototype.  The final production design is about 60% slimmer with the same height profile.  I want to personally thank my CTO Jason Luxon for his believe in my vision of a future where anyone can home charge their EV regardless of whether they have private parking where they live.  I also want to thank Andrew, Jamie and Tim and the whole team at Tri-State Fabrication and Machining for their relentless attention to detail and patience while we worked out the kinks in the design together.  As Shang Tsung said in Mortal Combat… “IT HAS BEGUN!”