Maserati says all of its cars will be hybrid or fully electric in five years
Tack Maseratti to the growing list of manufacturers of traditionally gas guzzling vehicles signaling an aggressive conversion commitment to sustainable power trains.  More boutique manufacturers like Maseratti recognizing their climate responsibility give signal that maybe humans deserve to survive after all.  I’m kidding of course, but this news is a critically important chapter in the story of sustainable transportation.  As more auto manufacturers develop competing sustainable power train tech there will be a market driven downward cost of EVs, which is the necessary component to really supercharging (pun intended) the adoption rate of EVs. This news, hot on the heels of the released details of the long awaited electric Hummer represent another data point in the promising trend in sustainable transportation!
The torque, acceleration and overall performance common in electric power trains is certainly consistent with the Maseratti brand.  Now let’s hope they carry through.  The electric water is great, Maseratti, welcome to the party.  We here at Curbstar by OmniPotential will keep you updated.